VON founders VENIEN & Goat rejoined forces to record and perform as VON.  20 years after recording their first demo in 1989, the Satanic Blood EP was recorded and released to commemorate their reunion in London. Joined by bands Watain and The Devils Blood, this would serve as VON's first performance and recording since disbanding in 1992.


  • Artist: VON

  • Project: Satanic Blood

  • Title: Satanic Blood (7" Vinyl EP)

  • Audio Format: 7" Vinyl EP

  • Packaging Format: 7" x 7" Vinyl Sleeve

  • Edition/Qty: Ltd 500

  • Publisher/Distributor: Von Records (USA)

  • Manufacturer: Rainbo Records (USA)

  • Release Date: June 5th 2010

  • Illustration/Design: VENIEN

  • Price: 20 USD

  • Cat/Sku#: VR LTD0001

  • Availability: Sold Out


Side A

  • 01. Satanic Blood (2010 Version)

  • 02. Blood Von (2010 Version)

Side B

  • 01. Veadtuck (Instrumental) (2010 Version)

Release notes:

  • 1st official studio release by creators of VON (VENIEN & Goat) on Von Records

  • Re-worked versions of original demo tracks Satanic Blood, Blood Von, & Veadtuck (Instrumental)

  • Armageddon Festival 2010 exclusive vinyl release (The Garage London, UK)

Written by VENIEN & Goat
© Von Properties L.L.C. 

VON - Satanic Blood (7" Vinyl) (Digital EP)


Cat/Sku#: VR D0004

Artist: VON
Project: Satanic Blood
Title: Satanic Blood (7" Digital Vinyl EP)
Audio Format: Digital EP
Original Release Date: 2010 (7" Vinyl EP)
Digital Release Date: 2010
Illustration By: VENIEN

01. Satanic Blood (7" Digital Vinyl EP) (2010 Version)
02. Blood Von (7" Digital Vinyl EP) (2010 Version)
03. Veadtuck (7" Digital Vinyl EP) (2010 Version)

Special note: Satanic Blood, Blood Von, & Veadtuck are re-worked versions of the original arrangements exclusively for the 7" Vinyl EP 2010 version

Recording Lineup:
Shawn Calizo (Goat aka Von & S. von "Black Cactus" Goat) (vocals | guitar)
Jason Ventura (VENIEN) (bass)
Jonathan Gonzalez (Lord Giblete) (guitar)
Diego Arredondo (Blood) (drums)
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